Sam Cahnman has spent a lifetime fighting for consumers, citizens and open government. He spent the last 8 years being the hands-on Alderman of Ward 5. Prior to that Cahnman represented this area on the County Board, where he was rated Best County Board Member by Illinois Times readers. Cahnman is the only Alderman who writes a monthly View From City Hall column for his constituents.

  • On the City Council Ald. Cahnman’s hard work resulted in the State Journal-Register ranking him 2nd out of the 10 Aldermen in number of ordinances introduced and passed (5/11/14). The Illinois Dermatological Association gave Cahnman an award for passing the under 18 tanning ban to protect our young people from the ravages of skin cancer. This ordinance led the State Legislature to expand this life saving measure statewide a year later.

  • Ald. Cahnman co-sponsored the new problem properties ordinance that finally put a limit on the formerly endless cycle of registering vacant properties. Cahnman voted for the 3 year infrastructure rehab program that revamped a record amount of streets and sidewalks. The Ward 5 Alderman pushed for more resources to demolish abandoned buildings that led to a record number of demolitions. Cahnman also passed ordinances giving a preference to local businesses, to prevent another paper shredding scandal, and creating the Round Up program to help the homeless. He also sponsored and passed the ordinance prohibiting gender discrimination at Lake Springfield clubs.

  • Cahnman led the fight for the open primary so voters can have a secret ballot and not have to publicly declare their party. He put the open primary question on local ballots all across the state, resulting in overwhelming votes of 75 – 95% for the open primary.

  • Cahnman received his law and undergraduate degrees at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

  • After law school, Cahnman assisted our Appellate Court, and then drafted legislation for the Illinois General Assembly, still using those drafting skills today as the Ward 5 Alderman. Former Mayor Ossie Langfelder appointed Cahnman to the Human Relations Commission, where his fellow Commissioners elected him Chairman. Cahnman co-founded the Citizens Utility Board. CUB has saved Illinois consumers more than $1 billion. Cahnman served as CUB’s first Vice President and represented the Springfield area on CUB’s Board.

  • Cahnman is a lawyer in private practice. He has served as an Appellate Prosecutor and represented our veterans in a winning case in the Illinois Supreme Court.

Sam’s Vision For Springfield

  • Revitalize our older neighborhoods, the gem of our Capital City, by forcing owners of rundown properties in violation of City Code to fix or demolish them. Attract redevelopers and younger families to our urban core with neighborhood improvements and incentives. Better regulation and scrutiny of group homes in residential areas.

  • Continue revitalization of downtown by creating downtown UIS campus and creating more housing to fill the growing demand. More residents will result in more new downtown businesses.

  • Improve public safety by creating more trust between police and citizens through use of body cameras and neighborhood policing