Alderman Sam Cahnman - Neighborhood Survey

Dear Neighbor:
As your Alderman, it has been my honor to represent you on the City Council.
To better represent you, I need to know where you stand on certain issues.
Therefore, I'd greatly appreciate it if you would take a moment and help me by filling out this survey.
Thanks so much,



Sam Cahnman
Alderman, Ward 5

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Under a new ordinance Ald. Cahnman co-sponsored in 2011 abandoned properties can only be registered for 3 years. Before 2011 there was no limit. After 3 years the property must be fixed to comply with our building code or demolished, but many owners wait till the 3 years is almost over to start work on their property. Should our City Code require owners to start work on their registered property well before the expiration of the 3 years?
Do you favor putting a garbage fee on your CWLP bill (only for single family homes & duplexes)instead of paying your waste hauler directly, to insure the approximately 2,300 residences currently without garbage service get it? (You would still choose your own waste hauler.)
Do you favor creating a volunteer citizens advisory committee, including persons with expertise in utilities, to advise the City Council on CWLP?
Talk of building a second lake began long before I became an Alderman. While any additional water source other than conservation would likely increase rates, building a second lake would create the largest increase. If there is a definite need for an additional water source, do you favor?
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Our City Code does not require group homes of 5 or less to get any special permission from the City Council to open in residential neighborhoods, whereas new group homes of 6 or more must get a variance from the City Council. Should new group homes of 5 or less in residential neighborhoods be required to get permission from the City Council?
Should Springfield Police be required to wear body cameras?
Should the police be required to have dashboard cameras in their patrol cars, as the State Police do?
Do you favor a landlord registration ordinance, requiring landlords to register their contact information with the City Clerk, or if they live out of the area, to have a local agent register, so neighbors would know who to contact in case of a problem from a rental property?
Ald. Cahnman has worked hard for passage of the open primary,so you would not have to publicly declare your party to vote in a primary.Do you favor Ald. Cahnman continuing to advocate for the open primary?
Do you favor a city residency requirement, mandating new city hires reside in the city of Springfield?

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