Alderman Cahnman Responds to Alderman Jobe’s Campaign Interference

Springfield, IL, 4/4/15 – Yesterday, Alderman Sam Cahnman responded to fellow Alderman Cory Jobe’s recent interference in his Alderman campaign (on behalf of Cahnman’s Ward 5 opponent Andrew Proctor), by sending an open letter to his Ward 5 constituents. Earlier this week, Alderman Jobe accused Alderman Cahnman of being an “entrenched politician”, contrasting him with Mr. Proctor, who states in his own campaign video, “I’m a family man, not a politician.” This Wednesday, Alderman Cahnman received information from a concerned Ward 5 constituent outlining Andrew Proctor’s background as a busy political activist. The constituent had stumbled across Proctor’s LinkdIn page while researching his candidacy, and learned that Proctor has done paid work on several high-profile state and national political campaigns. This information was in stark contrast to Proctor’s claim to being non-political. In his letter Friday to Ward 5 constituents, Alderman Cahnman listed Proctor’s campaign activity to help his constituents make a more informed decision at the polling place next Tuesday.
Proctor’s LinkdIn page includes the following employment experience: 

  • Paid political operative on Republican presidential campaign (6 months) 
  • Regional Victory Director’ on the McCain-Palin presidential campaign in Ohio (6 months)
  • Volunteer Coordinator on the ‘Dillard for Governor’ campaign, Champaign, IL
  • Campaign Director: Bill Brady for Governor and Mark Kirk for Senate, Champaign, IL
  • Manager of Political Action Committee (PAC), Champaign, IL (1 yr, 9 months)
  • Director of Advocacy: Illinois Chamber of Commerce
  • In February 2015, Proctor was hired on by the new Gov. Rauner administration as a lobbyist for the Department of Employment Security.

Alderman Cahnman contrasted Proctor’s political activism over the past 8 years with his own service record as Ward 5 Alderman:

  • Helped to secure $56 million to fix our aging streets, sidewalks, and other infrastructure.
  • Co-sponsored the new abandoned properties ordinance putting 3-year limit on registering vacant local properties
  • Pushed for more resources to demolish abandoned buildings: led to a record number of demolitions
  • Created the Round Up program to help the local homeless community
  • Sponsored and passed the ordinance prohibiting gender discrimination at Lake Springfield clubs
  • Introduced and passed under-18 tanning ban to protect local youth from skin cancer
  • In May 2014, Alderman Cahnman was ranked 2nd out of the 10 Springfield Aldermen by the SJ-R for number of ordinances introduced and passed.

In his letter, Cahnman also announced Senator Andy Manar’s recent endorsement of his own candidacy. ”Since being elected to the State Senate in 2012, I’ve seen Alderman Sam Cahnman work constantly for Ward 5. He and I talk on a regular basis about issues related to State government and the City of Springfield. Alderman Cahnman is responsive to his constituents and is a strong advocate for the people of Ward 5. I support his re-election for another term on the City Council.” Senator Andy Manar Alderman Cahnman also picked up endorsements this week from his former Ward 5 opponent Dominic Watson and Andy Anderson, founding member of Enos Park Neighborhood Association. “With a new mayor, Ward 5 and our city needs an experienced alderman on the city council- one with proven results!” said Alderman Cahnman.